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 JRe's App

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PostSubject: JRe's App   Sat Apr 28, 2007 3:02 am

Furcadian Name: JRe
Irl name: Ruby
Furcadian age: 29
Ever been a beekin?: No. But it would be my hearts desire

What badge would you be if you were a beekin?: I can't really choose. There all great.

What would you do if somone new came into a bah and they never been
to a bah before?(50 words at least): A Build-a-home is a place where you can buy a temporary home or buy a Perm home (It lasts for a long while). Also you can put rooms up for rent, adopt people and have people round. Sometimes you can decorate something that’s around the dream instead of creating your own home. To paste floors say “Floors”. Then over the floor you want say “copyf”. Once you get to your house say “pastef” in the patch where you want the floor. You can carry on this until maybe one room is filled. Now if there aren’t any homes up for sale then either wait or come back later we probably will be having a house check soon if there are no houses up for sale. If you want some more information on this say “commands”.

Why do you want to work here and think you are sutible enough for here?: Because I am kind, Loyal and I love helping people

Have you worked anywhere esle?: No. Well I have... Ginnys BAH

What are your favourite dreams?: Mystic Homes and Pwnage homes

Why do you like rizzla's bah?: It looks like a plesant place to work at

have you got a furc family?: I have my sister JBe

Can you speak any other languages?: A bit of french a bit of spanish. Maybe a bit of german and russian and dutch. But not alot

What do you think of the staff?: As my own flesh and blood (Care for them like I would to a sister/brother)

What would you do if somone came in spamming (You cant bann or eject or tell anyone about it because they are all Afk.)?: I would ask them to stop politely. If they carried on I would tell them to do it in there own BAH

What did you think when you first came in the dream?: It looked bright and colourful. It look just wonderful

Any other comments?: Nope. I think your dream is PERFECT
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PostSubject: Re: JRe's App   Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:59 pm

I reccomend I seen you a lot in other places and, you are a nice person.
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PostSubject: Re: JRe's App   Sun Apr 29, 2007 3:13 am

Well im not sure sometimes >< urgh! nvm xD i dunno..I dont recommend DD= .:Sharp:.
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PostSubject: Re: JRe's App   

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JRe's App
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