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 Rizzi bah storeh!

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PostSubject: Rizzi bah storeh!   Thu May 17, 2007 11:45 am

Tell me if your not in it..

The bell rings in the staff room as tiredly,the staff get up for work...

Sakura:omg its only 5 in the morning <.<
Rizzi:I know but we need to keep the bah in shape
Sharp:o.o in shape? if you havent noticed the'res only 4 people here we don't need it in shape *sigh*
Rizzi:we will soon.. *Riz holds up a sign saying..*

Come to rizzla's bah today! you will get 50% off!

Staff now work at 5:00am to 6:00pm! enjoy


the sound of sighs all came from Sak's and Sharp's corner,
Genatie:Zomg i am NOT doing 5:00am! my hair wont stick right,everyone's eyes are black around the edges and we have to dress earlyer! (my lack of spelling xD)

Kimiko..thething:Zomg i agree with genatie! Riz this is too hard!

A sigh came from riz.
Rizz:That sucks.

30 people came running in the next2 hours and the staff surely had to wake up now.

Sak got dressed into her black and purple dress,new from F.C.U.K (xD French connection of united kingdom e.g F.C.U.K)

Genatie got dressed in her usal pinky whitey outfit

Kim got dressed in the usal,her black and blue and pink outfit

Sharp got dressed in somthing they had never seen before like a mix of blues,her sparkly top was dark blue her mini skirt was turqoise and leggings were light blue


Genatie:Wtf are you wearing?

Sharp:Oh this is new from the far east shops in furc and still got 50 left Razz

Rizzla:Remeber its pay day today,you get 100 scales each if you work hard if you put effort into it you may end up in 210 scales depends


Sak,Genatie,Sharp and kim were on the usal shift,planning to go on holiday with their shared money ,in 2 weeks that is,they were planning to go to Jafurc (like an exotic place with pools and palm trees and flowers like that)

Everyones dream holiday it cost 45 for 1 (80% deal now!)

they had tickets already but may not have enough for 2 weeks

They read their shared tickets

Jafurc,4 tickets each in this holiday,4 lucky people to the exotic private island with pools,hotels,beaches and nice chilled out places

Sak:Can't Wait! this Jafurc looks so relaxing..
Kim:Thats me and Gen's home town,we are sisters irl aswell (Note:xD i think u r).

The foursome served all 30 people as their houses looked almost like Jafurc

2 weeks later..The girls were rushing to get dressed and to the AnO tunnel to Jafurc would they make it!?! of would they wasted 45

To be continued..................................................
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Number of posts : 45
Registration date : 2007-04-30

PostSubject: Re: Rizzi bah storeh!   Sat May 19, 2007 6:25 am

PArt 2-the holiday Very Happy-

Cookehs:So,where you going then for your half-break of work?
The fourgirls look up to cookehs and show her the ticket
Cookehs:Nice! i'm going there too! fpr 5 days! Hotel Jafurcia
Sakura: x: Same here! but for 1 week
Kim:Ya! Lawl! Omigosh sharp! we can do music there!
Genatie:I can be background dancer
Sakura:Meh *Sigh* I'll watch.
Sak:It's ok Sharp..
Kimiko Grabs her stuff,silver mic and guitar and lyrics
Genatie grabs her sparkley dress and stuff
Sharp grbas her suitcase and silver mic and guitar
Sak grabs 2 suitcases ready
Kim:Omigosh! who got a ferrari!?
There is a cold silence
Cookehs O.o can i come in with you?
Sak:Well,since we all are going to Jafurc Sure!
Sharp has a bikini under her miniskirt and top,black leggings and tube top,which is light blue,with hawii flowers on and mini skirt which is plain white is sparkles on,

They all have bikini's or tankini's underneath with,genatie's Black and purple dress,which she took off for the hot weather,revaling shorts(blue) and a bikini top underneath,

Kimiko had her bikini,but a short skirt (Mini skirt in black) , a short bube tube top,carrying her guitar

Sakura,on the other hand had a short dress (Light blue) with black leggings underneath and a beautifull matching belt

Cookehs had a light blue jean skirt,with a white bube tube and orange hawii flower

Sharp approched the ferrari,they had 2 hours before the aero plane,the traffic was alright and it took 1 hour,30 mins to get there

Kim:Slow down Sharp!
Sak:Yeah! we nearly had a car crash <.<
Genatie:we did? o.o
Cookeh was asleep that time and kim and plopped a nut in her mouth and she woke up,startled
Cookeh:Mmm!mmmm! (Wtf is a nut doing in my mouth?)
They all laughed,even a giggle out of sakura
Cookeh spat the nut out onto the road as they just approched the car park with,15 mins left

The tried to run but their sandals kept falling off,Boys kept trying to follow them and whistle at them,even the ugly Equine joined in laughing,and a hot cat distracted them on the way in the end ,Sharp got out 5 electric scooters,Sharp's was (Blue),Kim's was (Black) Genaties was Strangley (Half black half pink O_o) Sakura's was white with a hawiian flower on,All of them had white hawiian flowers on,but Sak's was Orange and Cookeh's scooter was Pink.,they jumped onto the scooter,and glided round dodging peoples way,even the ugly boine and equine tried to jump on but Cookeh and Sharp kicked e'm off!

Ettendent cat:Tickets for Jafurc,please will be leaving in 2 mins,the girls paid with 1 min remaining,the Ran so fast to the plane it almost took off but the jumped so high (Must be cat instinct) and legged it on

Soon the plane was landing for Jafurc,the girls put on their sunscreen then saw a poster "Battle of the bands"

Kim:Lets enter!
Sharp:Yeah! omigosh the winner gets O.O 10,000,000,00 scales! omigosh!!

-To be continued-
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Number of posts : 45
Registration date : 2007-04-30

PostSubject: Re: Rizzi bah storeh!   Sat May 19, 2007 6:48 am

The girls rushed into Hotel Jafurc and took Cookehs,kim and Sharp were in room 120,Sak and Genatie were in room 125

They all got dressed and the sound of electric guitars could be heard playing

They got into their best outfits each
Genatie's black and purple dress,kims miniskirt (black) and sparkley top (white) sak's usal(Still in her dress and belt *Sigh*)
Cookehs total pink hawi flower outfit
Sharp had just a plain blue sparkley dress

they ran to the stage in the hotel ands started the battle of the bands o.o

-short i know but look out for part 4!!

cookehs:Part 4 will rock!
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PostSubject: Re: Rizzi bah storeh!   

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Rizzi bah storeh!
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